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Meet the Governors

Keith Martin (Chair of Governors)   

My Wife and I moved to St Neots in 2003, I joined the Governing Body initially as a Parent Governor in 2004. Soon after joining the Governing Body I became Vice Chair. I transitioned to the position of a Community Governor and I have been the Chair of Governors and a Trustee of the school now for a number of years.

I am very proud to say that both my daughter and son have attended the Infant School, both also attended the Kids Club. I have a lot to thank the Infant School for their education. They both transitioned through the Crosshall Junior School and are now both at Longsands Academy Trust.

I come from a Defence and Information Technology back ground. I am performing a Programme Managers role for a large computer consultancy company and manage large complex projects. I am used to working at all levels within both in Public and Private sectors across various industries across the UK.

I hope to utilise my skills and knowledge that I have gained in my career to provide support to the school and the various committees of which I am a member. I hope to help maintain the high standards that have been achieved and support the children and the Local community.



Tom McCormick
I have had a long association with Crosshall Infant School over many years.  My children attended both the infant and junior schools, my wife is a former governor and helped establish the nursery, and I have been on the governing body since 2006.  My work experience includes roles in central, regional and local government as well as a wide range of business sectors.  I am passionate about learning and try to use my experience to help the school develop and improve in order to provide the best possible learning environment for all our children.


Mark Abeyasekera. (Vice Chair of Governors)

I relocated from West London to St Neots in 1989. I have two children both of whom have benefited greatly from their time at Crosshall. I work locally as workshop supervisor for a major construction company.

I have been a governor since 2005. I hope I can contribute to the schools excellent educational standards and support the high levels of commitment and dedication shown by staff and pupils.


David Brown    

I am an experienced Chartered Accountant, run my own practice and  I have been employed as a  Chief Accountant, Financial Director, and  Chief Executive in different organisations.   I am also a Trustee of several charitable companies.

I am married to Joyce, have two children and four grandchildren.  I am a lay preacher and sing with a choir in the Albert Hall.

Simon Leher
I have three children and have been a Community Governor since 2011. I believe that a child's early years education is extremely important in shaping their outlook on life.  I care deeply about the quality of the education received by my children and all others and I contribute enthusiastically to the governance of this extraordinary school.

I am a Communications, Marketing and PR Manager in a local business.  Part of my role involves facilitating sponsorship for schools and local organisations as well as liaising with the media and being responsible for the company brand.  I am involved in a local church and help to lead the Sunday school.

I enjoy serving the community by promoting high standards and through my role as a governor ensuring that educational achievement at the school remains excellent.


Andy Neeves (Governor until 28/02/2017)

I have 2 daughters, my oldest is in the infant school, and my youngest will attend in around 3 years’ time. I am married to Caroline, whose father (Alan Orr) was a Governor many years ago.

I am a Business Improvement Manager within the Telecoms industry (BT Openreach) and specialise in coaching and developing areas of the business where we can increase performance and drive customer satisfaction.

My hobbies include photography, cycling and running and I am currently training to compete in my first triathlon later this year.

I am very keen on getting involved in supporting Crosshall infant school to deliver a great education for all of our children, I believe this school has a great future and look forward to working with the staff and governors over the next few years.


Paul Trinder
I am a father of two boys, one of whom is currently attending Crosshall School. 
I have over ten years experience working in senior financial and management roles.  Prior to this I have worked in the science and engineering industries.
I am a huge believer that lifelong quality learning is the cornerstone that will make our children’s future a better one.  This has to be built on a foundation of quality education that I believe Crosshall School provides to our children.
I am delighted to be able to contribute to all of our children’s future be being a parent governor at Crosshall School and being part of a team that supports and challenges our children’s school to be the best it can be.

Sarah Reid

Jane Scanlan

I am a mum of 3 boys.  My eldest is at Crosshall Junior School and my twin boys attend Crosshall Infant School.
For 15 years I have worked in Human Resources, a role where continuous learning is vital to maintain professional standards.  The last 10 years I worked for a large multinational company managing large projects and a team to deliver HR services including diversity, employee relations, compensation and benefits, employment law, assessment and development and contract management.  My work has given me vast experience of developing strategies and managing financial budgets to ensure the best solution is delivered at the best price, skills I believe benefit my role as a Governor.
I took the decision to take a career break in order to spend more time with my children.  I wanted to be able to take a more active role in their development and education.  I am passionate about learning opportunities and feel that the role of Parent Governor provides me with an opportunity to not only utilise the skills I have but also provides me with further opportunity to learn.
I am very keen to be involved in the school and I am a committed Parent Governor.



Mariyam Azher


I have a daughter who attends Crosshall Infant School. Having lived in St Neots for many years, I take a keen interest in local affairs and its schools and wish to put my skills and effort into being active in the Crosshall Governing Body and making sure that every child has the best education possible.


I am currently a HR Manager in a company that specialises in providing HR services to schools, a post which I've held for nearly 10 years.  I am familiar with the workings of a school, the legal side and what works best for schools. I am keen to use this experience which I believe will be beneficial for Crosshall.  


Emma Staines


I have two young children, one of whom is in Reception. I enthusiastically welcome the opportunity to support the school that I have chosen for my children and that I have been familiar with as a member of the community for many years. I strongly feel that I would like to give something back to the Crosshall Infant School.


I am a qualified teacher and have a degree in Management as well as a Masters in Teaching. I have worked in education since 2003 and for the last 9 years I have been teaching in a successful Upper School in North Bedfordshire. I am very passionate about education and strongly believe that every child should be given the opportunity to reach their full potential. The foundations for which are normally laid very early on.   


I care deeply about the quality of education that our children receive and I would value the opportunity to be able to contribute my time, skills, and experience to the governance of Crosshall Infant School.


Hannah Byatt


I have two children, my youngest son attends Crosshall Infant School and my eldest son attends Crosshall Junior School. Both of my sons have attended Kids Club, so we know the school well.


I currently work part time as a Family Solicitor for a firm in St.Neots.  I have 10 years experience working in family law, helping families at difficult times in their lives.  I  am a passionate advocate for child welfare and always look out for the best interests of children.  I believe our children's early education is hugely important.


I am keen to do all I can to contribute to the further success of the school, to help our children thrive and develop into lovely, well rounded little people.


Katy Stafferton

I have two daughters, and my eldest currently attends Crosshall Nursery School, and Kids Club. My family and I, live in Eaton Ford.

My career has been focused on working with children and young people. Roles included; working at a children’s holiday club overseas; managing charity and independent after-school clubs; developing sport, well-being and leisure activities for district councils; being responsible for a youth participation team across Central Bedfordshire.


I have spent 12 years working for a local authority, where the duties included safeguarding, youth participation, community engagement, supporting vulnerable/at risk groups, and working with schools and partners in developing strategies to support and improve children and young people’s outcomes.


I am currently taking a career break to raise my young children, having recently returned from living in Sydney, Australia. As a Community Governor, I am passionate about student welfare, supporting children and young people, and adding any value I can, utilising the skills and experience I have gained professionally, to aid the success of this school.


Sara Isaacs

Until recently I was a resident of Eaton Ford and had been so for 13 years, raising a young family and working within the local community, supporting and promoting good Mental Health. As I have not moved very far, I remain a committed Community Governor, supporting the School to achieve and maintain its aims and objectives.


My professional career changed in 2011 and I moved into education and focused on Human Resources; firstly within Further Education and now I work as an HR Officer for a local Independent School.


It is a joy to be given the opportunity to be part of a vibrant School to achieve its aims and objectives in “Learning for Life”.